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Recommended Readings

Early Retirement Extreme – A book that lays out the Financial Independence ground work. This book is a great introduction into Financial Independence and Early Retirement for anyone at any level of income.

The Intelligent Investor – This book is Warren Buffet’s favorite book. This is a classic investment book that explains the theory and strategies behind value investing. Benjamin Graham’s techniques and strategies still hold true in today’s market, which cannot be said for many books.

How To Win Friends And Influence People – This is a great book for anyone who wants to interact with other humans and is currently finding it difficult to connect with people. This book does a fantastic job in breaking down the behaviors that make people more attractive, friendly, and like-able.

Freakonomics – The book that teaches us to look at human behavior as nothing more then a reaction to incentives that are presented to us. This book explores the hidden side of everything and really opens your mind to the irrational behaviors that so many of us are victim to.

Rich Dad Poor Dad – A personal finance book that goes through the differences between a “rich dad” and a “poor dad”. This book is a great introduction on how to begin looking at cash flow and “your business” in a different perspective. People often define themselves by the job they are working, but never by the business they are running. Typically, people never even have a business, instead most people spend the majority of their lives working for someone else.

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