What Is Financial Independence?

Hey guys! Today I want to talk to you guys about Financial Independence.

What Is Financial Independence?

Financial Independence is that idea that you have enough money, wealth, assets, or income to sustain a certain style of living without having to work anymore.

Maybe, you have $2,500,000 and you live off %4 of it which comes out to $100,000 a year for you to live off of. Maybe, you have a business that is really sufficient but still pays you an income because you have a large equity stake. Maybe, you’re a landlord and your tenants pay you rent every single month and you live off of that rental income.


You have rich parents that provide you a trust fund to live off of (I wish).

Whatever the case may be, my point is that Financial Independence is personal for everybody and means something different for everybody. Besides how much you have being a major criteria of whether or not you are Financially Independent,  the other criteria is how much you need. If you need very little in life, you might be a minimalist where you have a garden and grow your own food – where you chop your own wood to heat your home. Maybe, you live in a tiny home that’s off the grid! Of course, you are probably not watching this video (or reading this blog).

To me, Financial Independence is the ability to control your life – to control your income. Financial Independence, to me, is having options in life – the option to travel, the option to volunteer for meaningful work, the option to chase your dreams in life. Financial Independence means that you are in control of your income and you don’t have to rely on your company or your boss not firing you this year in order for you to pay your bills.

The Reason Why I Want Financial Independence

And, really, why everyone should want independence is because the traditional working 40 hours a week, for 40 years of your life and retiring at 65 is long gone. Most Americans today at the ripe age of 65 that are ready to retire, don’t have enough money to retire! They are going to have to work a part-time job just in order to sustain their style of living.

Sure, if you’re making enough money today and if you are one of those very select few, yes you can make enough money, work 40 years of your life and retire at the age of 65.

But for the rest of us!

Rent is astronomically high, student debt is a plague on our bank accounts, and healthcare costs are out of the world in the U.S. To me, the idea of retiring at  65 through traditional means and methods is long gone. Not to mention, automation is going displace a lot of us.

It is crazy to me that we spend our entire schooling and most of our work career specializing in a single skill – hoping that single skill will still be in demand 10, 20, 30, 40 years in the future! That is a crazy risk.

I don’t mean to sound gloomy though. I’m actually really optimistic about the future.

I think…

We’re Living In One Of The Best Times In History

The opportunity to do something on your own has never been greater. The opportunity to learn a new skill or craft has never been easier. With applications like YouTube and Google at the touch of our fingertips, you can learn anything today. And once you’ve learned those skills,  it has never been easier to share it.

For instance, maybe you like baking sour dough bread – start an Udemy course and sell courses on how to teach (make) sourdough bread! This lady did. Maybe, you like drinking wine. Drink wine and review wine on Youtube, this guy did. Maybe, you like playing video games as much as I do, then start a Twitch channel and stream your gaming! These people make a living off of it.

Whatever the case may be, whatever your passion is in life – the opportunity has never been greater. Of course, all of this said, it takes a lot of skill, talent, hard work, and definitely a little bit of luck to be successful at one of these opportunities.

My point is, once you have the right mindset about work and you work on something you’re passionate about, it won’t feel like work anymore – it’ll feel like fun!

So, no. I don’t subscribe to the 40 hour work week. I believe in working your face off. Working as much as you can after your 9-5, working on the weekends, working on your commute to work, (or) even working during your lunch break. I subscribe more to a 60-80 hour work week.

We spend most of our lives working for someone else, isn’t it about time we start working for ourselves?

We can choose to do the minimal in life and just skate by and cruise – or, we can choose to work as hard as we can as often as we can. Typically the easy road turns into the hard road and the hard road turns into the easy road. So, make the decision today to do the hard things in life because they will pay off in the future. And maybe one day you will become financially independent and be able to chase your dreams.

Let me know what you guys think about Financial Independence! Maybe it’s for you, maybe it’s not.

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Thanks for watching (reading) guys! And I will see you next time!



  1. For me, financial independence is something different than what we are looking at. People are talking mostly about “retirement” independence, i.e. when we can retire safely. Financial independence for me is when we can comfortably not work, and not have to worry about covering your bills for several years.

  2. Amazing Blog. The graph is indicates our productivity and growth. Like this the leading indicators and trade signals that actually represents current trend in the market and position.

  3. Hi Jack, great video blog. Well done and the message is spot on – it is crazy to spend years learning in school, specialising in a craft/ trade that might be obsolete soon. What’s even crazier is that school doesn’t teach you how to manage your finances properly.

  4. Great message, Jack. I also like that I can choose to watch the video or read. It saves a lot of date for me. 🙂

    1. Thanks Lisa! I appreciate the kind words.

      I definitely try to make my advice applicable for all people, but the U.S. healthcare system is truly a unique problem for folks on this side of the “pond”. 🙂

  5. Such a great, informative post! I’ve also read about the 40+ formula (you work 40 hours a week for survival and everything after that for success). Great content thank you

    1. Thanks Brit! What’s this 40+ formula? I’ll have look it up, but I definitely like the idea of working beyond the norm for breaking out of the rat race. 🙂

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