Money Is A Mindset Game

In this video, I will go over the first thing you need to do in order to start getting good with your money!

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  1. Nice video! I love your mission to try to get every to be a little better about money.

    To me, money is an amplifier to the person you really are. Good people will use money to make this world and the people around them a better place. Not so good people will use money to scam, lie, and cheat.

    1. Exactly! Great point! It’s really unfortunate that some people are greedy to no limit and are willing to sacrifice the common good for their selfish needs.


      1. As you said in the video. The pressure to think of one self is up or down based on their bank account is usually the error where most personal finances start to go wrong. If that is the sub total of whether or not we are a good person, we are already lost.

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