#1 Food Hack To Save Time And Money!

In my last two articles, “Spending $1 Costs Far More Than You Think“ and “The One Retailer Amazon Cannot Kill”, I talked about how making a simple decision about where you buy your groceries can make a huge difference in expenses and food costs.

Furthermore, every $1 you save, can turn into $29 over 50 years (see “Spending $1 Costs Far More Than You Think”).

I cannot emphasize how much you should value your dollar. Each dollar you own and will own is a potential “worker” and can earn you more money over time.

Now that I have prepped your mind to consciously think about the value of a dollar and food decisions, let’s talk about Bulk Cooking!

A Story Of Bulk Cooking

Bulk cooking has changed my life. I know this sounds strange, but bulk cooking has given me back more time and money than I ever thought imaginable.

Well, let me take a step back. Bulk cooking is a simple concept, where a huge portion of food is prepped to be eaten over a period of a few days. My girlfriend introduced this concept to me as a solution for me to not have to think about dinner at night.

Not only were we ordering/buying food from the same places every night, we were spending about $10 – $15 dollars per meal depending on the meal. The decision of thinking about where to eat began to become a daily nuisance. The whole ordeal of going to a restaurant or grocery store to pick up food required so much time and money after work.

Now instead of struggling to find dinner every night of the week, we have a simple answer to a difficult problem – bulk cooking!

Take a look below at my Bulk Cooking Story!

For the price of $16 (shopping at Hong Kong Supermarket), I was able to make 8 portions of dinner. That breaks down to cost $2 each for each meal box! 8 portions is a lot, but I am cooking for 2, me and my girlfriend.

That is insanely affordable! If you make all of your meals cost $2 on average, you would spend only $42 for a week’s worth of food! I have spent $42 on a single dinner for two, and I am sure you have too.

Not only does bulk cooking save a significant amount of money, bulk cooking actually gives me back my time… and life.

Trade Effort For Time And Money

Bulk cooking has unleashed my true potential to be productive. It has given me back my freedom because instead of spending time, effort, and money on dinner every night, all I need to do is prepare a single bulk cook early in the week to cover myself for the next few days.

Instead of buying food and spending money or cooking at home on a nightly basis, I am now able to leverage the hard work I put in earlier in the week and obtain my freedom. On a typical week night, I take my prepped food, microwave it, eat it, clean the container, and have the rest of my night free before the clock has even hit 6 PM!

A friend recently asked me how I manage to work a full-time job, work on this blog, work my second job (which I recently quit), and have a life. My answer was simple – BULK COOKING!

Everyone needs to bulk cook as it will unleash your true potential in life. Instead of fretting about what to eat for dinner, you can now be productive and work on your side hustle.

Let’s take a look at the potential wealth you can build by bulk cooking.

How much money do you save?

Well if you change the average cost of one of your meals from $7.50 to $2.50 ($7.50 is pretty modest… I think), you will end up saving $5 every meal. Let’s say you eat 3 meals a day ($15 dollars a day) and you eat every day of the year (I hope you do…). That ends up being a savings of $5,475 a year!!

If you invest $5,475 a year over a lifetime (50 years), earning 7% every year ( the rate at which the market increases on average), you will end up with….


bulk cook food savings

link to calculator

Literally making a series of smart decisions in your life can turn you into a millionaire. Small decisions can unlock your wildest dreams.

  • Make the decision to value $1!
  • Make the decision to bulk cook your meals!
  • Make the decision to invest your money!

It is easy to get in our expensive car and drive to a nice restaurant so we can be served an over priced meal.

It is much harder to put in the effort to learn a valuable skill like cooking and applying that skill in a way that changes your life.

Learn a skill, put in the effort, provide value – and with small steps maybe you can eventually provide $2,500,000 worth in value.

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  1. Yes! I’m working on this skill; some bulk-cooked meals even lend themselves to being frozen (bulk cooking double-win — you don’t get tired of the food as easily when you can spread out eating it over a a few weeks). Would love to see more recipes as you find ones that work particularly well bulk-cooked!

    1. Great point!! We actually freeze pasta sauce so we can eat that if we are not prepared or are too busy to bulk cook.

      I will definitely do a part 2 for bulk cooking recipes! Thanks for the recommendation!

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