Don’t Eat The Rainbow Cookie!

I recently came across a company called ‘Baked In Color’ in the Columbus Circle subway station on 59th street in New York City. This company sells… rainbow cookies. Not only were water cakes (flavorless jelly), edible heels (overpriced chocolate), and giant soup dumplings (the ‘xiao’ in xiao long bao literally means ‘small’, ARGH) bad enough, now we have rainbow cookies!

Don’t be tricked by a chocolate chip cookie that has been dyed 6 different colors. As one of my teachers used to say, “you can put a lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig”. A rainbow chocolate chip cookie is still a chocolate chip cookie. The price of $2.50 for their big cookie could almost buy me 2 slices of pizza and a drink at 2 Bros Pizza on St. Marks. If you want a chocolate chip cookie, go to Wholefoods Market (3-minute walk) and buy a cookie for 90 cents.


I do not mean to bash on “Baked In Color” specifically, but I want to metaphorically symbolize their business model. There are numerous companies that are taking advantage of consumers who are willing to pay a premium for visually appealing, Instagram-worthy food.

The problem with living in an Instagram curated world is that it is more popular to seem trendy and hip than it is to be frugal. Frugality is cool! Posting a photo of yourself eating a rainbow cookie (or any other trendy/overpriced foods) will get you likes on Instagram or Facebook, but it will be at the cost of your wallet.

Don’t be the type of consumer to fall for gimmicks like this, be Jacked.

Don’t be dumb, don’t buy The Rainbow Cookie.




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