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    1. I have never tried it, but seems like a great alternative to buying bonds as social lending is relatively low risk and still has solid yields.

      I like the idea of social borrowing and lending as it takes the money from corporations and gives it back to the people.

  2. It’s interesting that you’re thinking of starting your own Marijuana ETF. I’ve never really thought about that. It’s a really good idea. I have my work 401K that I don’t really actively trade, but I love my brokerage discretionary stock account. I may have to look into making my own ETF.

    1. Glad you were able to take away something from this article!

      I definitely like the idea of building ETFs in specific categories. It allows people to diversify while reaping high growth stocks potentially.

  3. Hey! I’ve recently taken an interest in investing my money. But as a complete and total beginner with no background in accounting or anything as such.. when I tried downloading apps to get me started. I found all the graphs, numbers and figures quite daunting. Any advice for a complete beginner? 😊

    1. Hi!

      Depends how much you have and what your interests are in. I would personally keep an eye on a stock that you know well. Maybe you are a beauty expert and like E.L.F. and ULTA. Or maybe you are like me and keep and eye on gaming stocks.

      I would personally wait a few weeks for the market to report their 1st quarter earnings.

      I would suggest making a fake portfolio on the yahoo finance app. And play with pretend money.

      This will give you an initial feeling on how it feels to buy stocks.

      Hope this helps.


      1. I’ve been interested in tesla since 2014. So felt quite gutted when I saw the value of its stock at the moment, as I feel had I invested earlier and known how the system works. I could now be benefitting from it. Will definitely try out Yahoo! Thank you very much for the advise. Might come back for more if you don’t mind. Thank you!

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